Coffea Drinks
High-quality syrups and beverages.

The Slovak Company Coffea LLC

1. It started its activity more than 10 years ago. It was founded in 1999 with focus on the production of syrups and drinks. Coffea is seeking to be very flexible and fast responding to customer needs and to the market development.

2. Since the year 2010 Coffea is making products for business partners in a new building with modern technologic procedures and following current demanding requirements for a healthy lifestyle.

3. At the production It obeys the strictest hygienic regulations and norms of quality in food industry such as BRC (British Retail Consortium), ISO9000, ISO2200,HACCP in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety.

4. Our business partners are world-renowned suppliers, food companies and buyers are processors of mountain spring water and flavoured mineral waters, winemakers, beer producers, soft drinks manufacturers, dealers and distributors of syrups.

5. It deals with the solution, preparation of syrups and sugar solutions tailored according to customer's requests for a specific product and it does so in a high quality and speed.

6. It produces sugar solutions and syrups e.g. CLASSIC, cocktail, RADLER, DIA-LIGHT SPORTS SIRUPY SSS / SPORT SPRING SYRUP / for young athletes, syrups into post-mixes which are energy-reduced, special seasonal and many others.

7. Company representatives consider as an obligation to have fair trade relations, they are happy to meet you and discuss your requirements and needs from the initial idea to the final product, always to your satisfaction.

Your thirst, our joy! Your thirst, our concern! What you drink is an expression of health awareness and expression of a lifestyle. Therefore, we have for you syrups for beverages of various kinds and flavours so that everyone can choose what he likes.

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